About us

SPITIKA TROFIMA Industrial and Commercial S.A.” was established in 1997 and has been growing since, enjoying a huge success in the production of Greek Traditional Meals.


The company’s headquarters are located in the 2nd Industrial Zone of VOLOS, where it has a state-of-the-art production facility, consisting of a fully equipped kitchen, an automated production and standardization line, collection and storage areas for dried and fresh materials, as well as deep freeze storage areas.


We consider our staff to be our most important investment. Today we employ specialists who are highly knowledgeable in their field, while being very experienced and responsible individuals who respect our clients and produce on a daily basis the best possible products for you and your customers.


Our production processes comply with the strictest EU Specifications and are ISO 9001: 2008-EN ISO 22000:2005 certified. The process involves a detailed analysis to determine Critical Control Points (HACCP) for Purchasing, Production, Quality Control and Delivery.


The company has two production lines; the first one produces prepared and semi-prepared frozen meals in CATERING packages for FOOD SERVICE and Single Serving packages, as well as PRIVATE LABEL meals.

The second line produces fresh foods in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.).


Since 2002, we are the exclusive manufacturers of all private-label prepared, single serving frozen meals for the Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos Group, as well as for “Zestes Gonies-Magireia”, BOFROST and several other companies in this sector.


Thanks to our professionalism and the consideration and care we place in producing traditional flavors, we have earned the trust of professionals in the mass catering sector, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Grilled Meat Restaurants, CATERING Businesses, Closed Market Catering, Mass Catering-Reception Businesses, Canteens, Hospitals etc., by supplying them with certified high quality products, facilitating them in managing food servings for each customer, while at the same time decreasing the cost and preparation time.


We have been exporting our products to Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany since 2003, offering foreign customers the unique flavors of Traditional Greek Cuisine.


Our mission is to provide professionals with integrated solutions and our vision is to stand out as one of the top prepared meal production companies offering a high level of quality and service. At the same time, we get our inspiration from the Greek Culinary Traditions, for which we have the utmost respect.


Our goal is to provide professionals with quick and high quality solutions, equivalent to home-made meals, meeting the nutritional needs of the consumers.

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