Delicious meals that you enjoy, delivered to a high standard.

Tried and tested

All our dishes have been rated for their taste and value. Nothing leaves our premises unless it has been given the green light by our team and our customers!

Ready in minutes

Our meals have all been prepared in advance. All you need to do is heat them up according to the instructions, and they will be ready to serve.

Free from additives and chemicals

We do not believe in using anything unnatural in our meals. Our restaurant food is 100% additive and preservative free.

Guaranteed dependable quality

You never have to sacrifice taste and quality.

Greek Traditional & Mediterranean recipes.

We make ready and semi-ready products.

Handmade dishes that truly have the “homemade” feel.

Our products are high quality, unprocessed and without additives.

Made with the best wholesome and real local Mediterranean ingredients.

With recipes suitable for vegetarian/vegan consumers.

Better still, they can be served up with little to no preparation, saving the you money on staff costs and kitchen equipment.

We supply healthy meals for:





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